Carbon Wrap Decor


Going from Piano Black to Carbon Fiber decor for only 27 € / 32 $.

Short story; I was sick and tired of looking at the Piano Black decor, that was always dusty and almost waiting for the first scratch.

I brought 50 cm of 3M carbon wrap at a local store (50 x 152 cm).

Tools needed:

  • Torx20 Screwdriver
  • Plastic bar
  • A helper (someone with 2 hands)

Follow this guide to take the cup holder / center console apart gently;

Here are some steps on how to remove the decors at the dashboard.

– Remove the 2 side panels at the end of the dashboard facing the doors.

– If there are any visible screws holding the dashboard, remove those. (not seen on all cars)

– Driver side, Remove the padded panel under the steering wheel.  First remove the T-20 Torx screw at the bottom of this panel. When removing the panel you need to pull hard against yourself/the cabin, it’s one piece but start from the door side.

– Passenger side, remove the panel around the glove box, just pull, it’s only attached with clips.

– Passenger side, remove the glove box, it’s screwed with T-20 Torx.

– Drivers side, remove the plastic panel just above the instrument cluster, unscrew the 2 screws.

– Drivers side, remove all the trims around the instrument cluster.

From here there a 2 options,

1. Just gently lift the dashboard and unscrew the screws holding the decor and remove the decor.

2. Remove a pillars, unscrew/unwire airbag and remove dashboard completely. I prefer number 2, as the risk of damaging the dashboard is lowest.

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  1. Majerus says:

    Makes me wish I wouldnt have ordered Carbon fiber for 850 or whatever I was charged. Looks great.

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